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The result is a series of notices to the criminals and solutions for you to protect yourself, your State and your Country. 

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Webinar Recordings

Webinar Recordings

Anna's Book

May 18, 2020

May 11, 2020

May 4, 2020

April 27, 2020

April 20, 2020

April 13, 2020

April 6, 2020

March 30, 2020

March 23, 2020

March 16, 2020

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March 9, 2020

March 2, 2020 - This is a Pre-Recorded Message

Webinar Recordings

Anna's Book

February 24, 2020

February 17, 2020

February 10, 2029

11:40Story of a guy who got a speeding ticket 

With Rights come Responsibility and all the Ramifications 

Land Law vs. Statutory Law comparison 

Vehicular homicide – gun rights – hammer rights 

Civic duty to prevent a crime – Responsibility to make citizen arrest 

28:20Assemblies started process of serving Notice on their congressional delegation 

30:12Putting together a committee from the Federation of States to draft a Notice to 

UN Corp. concerning geoengineering – discussion on that – treaties 

32:55Animals considered non domestic population – billions of animals died in Austrailian fires 

35:50Russia standing now on the land and soil – discussion – dissolved Russian cabinet 

New elections to follow 

37:25What we should have done after the civil war- coming clean 

The Pope, British Monarch and the President should have finished the Reconstruction – explained what should have happened 

What’s happening now in Russia should have happened to us 160 years ago 

42:05Cpronavirus discussion – CIA’s involvement – mortality rate projection 

How consciousness can change the course of events. 

46:00Story of controlling a hurricane and related events 

The power of thought to change events is within all of us. Must learn to apply 

Must act on your God given powers. Examples 

55:29Grandmother’s story of using your thoughts to make things manifest 

1:03:24CIA involvement in world events – China   Gates Foundation patent on vaccines 

Trump investigations going on-Problem- Solution-Profiteering-Must  investigate 

1:11;14Harvard professor Charles Lieber arrested for China Virus connection 

1:12:30Viruses shipped by mail to research labs around the world 

1:14:25The value of sending Notices out to Congressional Delegation is to deny them 

Plausible deniability – They can’t say they weren’t told. 

Typical Reactions – indoctrination wall of our reps – those that are curious and look into it – those that see an angle in it to profit from 

1:22:20Recalling their congressman under the Constitution – happening in Utah 

1:25:17Sign in America update - IMF director stepped down – secret service being returned as financial fraud watchdog – FBI being returned to original function working within the states – Continental and US Marshalls – Bank commission out of control – served notice on Philippine government – true bills submission- Liens against North American Power Alliance, Pope, DTTC 

Lawful persons only ones owed exemption – Call from State Dept 

Continue to send your bills – your claims – even if a billing statement 

1:43:50Field McDonnell discussion – not a federally – arrested on false warrant 

Writ of attachment – BC – birthdate – questions to ask prosecutor 

1:52:50Discussion about entering Territorial and Municipal courts and the kinds of questions you want to ask of the prosecutor? Must watch and take notes. Practice 

2:09:25If you are going into court and you haven’t done your paperwork you should state your political status on the record and have a bail bondsman put up 21 silver dollars which creates a bar to the proceeding 

This takes you out of the position of a pauper and puts you back into your lawful status 

Have your State Assembly keep 21 silver dollars in a safe and a bail bondsman there when needed – 1oz. silver = $40,000 fiat dollars 

2:19:40Set backs encountered – kidnapping – medical issues – equipment failures – expenditures – Donate if you’re able to Anna Von Riezinger PO Box 520994 Big Lake, AK 99652  

Money will be needed soon for future needed mailings and travel expenses coming up. 

February 03, 2020

6:45 Announcement of radio show she will be on 2/7/2020 on Dr. Ott show Friday at 7pm

9:43 Field McConnell update

12:00 Municipal Courts twisting things around so they can be the beneficiary of your

trust, pretend to liquidate trust, claim themselves as the actual creditor

13:45 Importance of getting assemblies together - probate courts, BATF

16:00 Railroad Right of Way explanation - How it was all set up

Pinkerton’s used as private security forces

RR acquired right of ways by imminent domain to build tracks

Power and Water right of ways followed

20:45 Land was put into trusts used as assets to borrow against and to back Fiat

Money System

27:30 Story of her grandmother’s land parcel with a RR easement.

38:30 Tarp Bailout - Sep 2007 - used offshore trusts thru Wells Fargo with our names

and ones they made up and sold to investors based on actual value.

Took out line of credit and then foreclosed on land descriptions with fictitious

county names.

42:20 Master Line Deed of Trust and Line of Credit used to hypothecate debt that was coming off of the Tarp bailout on all the American taxpayers. Counter claim done

48:00 Using sign language to deceive. Fraud

51:00 Done by assumption of hypothecating the debt using straw man entities.

52:35 Western states are being hit with tax claims the hardest

subject to federal proprietorship

banking it in land trusts and using assets of those trusts to hypothecate the debt and to seize the collateral to borrow against.

1:00:08 If in court you are already guilty the way it is set up - Jail or Fine

Must ask the prosecutor - Where is the contract???

1:02:17 Field McConnell arrested on false warrant with no valid court of record issuing it by judge - Writ of attachment - no contract here

1:07:00 Story of Anna’s hardships and how she chooses to deal with it all

1:21:00 Constitution is the ultimate Law - trumps statutes and codes. LEO’s have no jurisdiction.

1:23:50 Sign in America program - should we ask for a true bill?

Licensing of doctors - requirements

1:30:00 Private small businesses and how to deal with US Citizens vs. Nationals

Doctors and their medical licenses

1:39:12 Trying to get remedy and relief still with Sign in America program

1:42:10 variation of county names used in changing description of land so they can claim

1:45:43 If people get a debt consolidation loan after they have corrected their status will Sign in America still sign the bill?

1:54:00 Progress on what she is working on - one pager, citizenship doc, future lien

2:05:40 Spoke about graphic on Page 24 in her book “You Know Something is Wrong When - An American Affidavit of Probable Cause”

Government pays the Military - Military protects the Industry - Industry funds the

Government - Colluding against us or ignores us - no long term solution

2:09:34 Military spending vs. Bank spending

Banks buying back their own stock - stock exchange manipulation

January 27, 2020

Please Note:  Due to Technical Difficulties this is an audio recording only.

Please see this link for the One Pager of the different Governments:!AlkIwquAy4EZmx59NVHRfz8JSls6?e=RgLeOu

00:00 Greetings, gardening, moment of silence, correct your status, state coordinator work, educating sheriffs, technical issues with Zoom

24:30 Get an update on Sign In America, because I know you have been working with the IRS. I know you have learned some new information.

30:17 Discussion of credit card for American State Nationals.

39:30 Are all the systems in place to allow this to happen or do we still need to have a special bank established?

46:06 Sign In America has paid numerous, tens of thousands of bills and so what we create is a valid banking receipt but many of the debtor corporations, actual criminals, aren’t acknowledging it. So, is there a way that we can bridge this gap by telling the debtor corporation that they have to acknowledge a valid banking receipt?

49:15 Discussion of Fixture Liens on our names

56:15 So we create the Fixture Lien, we have that recorded with the UCC office and they will send back a recorded copy of the UCC and then do we need to go and record that in the Land Recording office?

1:01:00 How should we distribute this? Should this be through the coordinators? Should it be on the website? What do you recommend?

1:03:00 Discussion of one page document showing municipal/territorial government structure currently in place

1:06:55 As part of their double dipping scheme, the IRS is now sending out these liens on property taxes?

1:11:50 Discussion of authority and probable cause of any government official, police, IRS agent, etcetera

1:18:50 Discussion of the distinction between Constitution “articles” and “amendments”

1:22:44 Now Anna, if we could circle back to the Sign In America card. What is a timeframe that we might be able to work with? I just want to set the right expectation for people.

1:26:36 ou have talked and written many articles about the value of money and you’ve worked very hard at trying to expand our minds to understand that money doesn’t really have any value. It’s only what you give it. Can you talk a little bit about that?

1:35:10 I really enjoyed the article you wrote called “Meet Your Eyes”. You talk about the workshop, your Fathers (Gods) workshop.

1:40:13 Discussion of 30 day challenge

1:45:32 Discussion that Anna’s needs money to support her efforts

January 20, 2020

9:00 Talking about the articles her husband, James Belcher has written.

13:13 We have to make use of their court system against them

We must take corporations like Monsanto to court and bankrupt them

Put pressure on Pope to eliminate corporations acting as crime syndicates.

185,000 municipal corporations operating in our country acting as service providers that shouldn’t be here. Many are bankrupt.

Why Anna advocates doing the reconstruction and getting our government set up the way it is supposed to function.

We must organize our States of State and our confederation and restructure the federal government.

18:30 Example on how to do this: Take Wisconsin. It sets up its State Assembly, rewrites its State Constitution so that you recreate The State of Wisconsin. All the original formation Confederation States of the original Constitution come back together and they take over their functions within the federal government.

This gives you the Confederation of states back and the ability to take control of the money.

All corporate structures created by the Pope – Roman Curea.

22:13 Trusts explained. They have patented statutory trusts under Municipal and Territorial governments instead of common law


You can set up an unincorporated small business bank account using an EIN # - private small business – not commercial – in land jurisdiction using lawful money

26:25 Pure Trusts explained

30:10 We are defined by Federal Code 12 as a banker and a bank.

30:27 Recording office not recording us as a land asset.

Initial mistake about your identity made at hospital. BC is not sent to county recording office but is sent to either Dept. of Health or Dept. of Vital Statistics (government offices)

36:20 Responses coming from prison inmates being railroaded into


Prison guards quitting and telling inmates her name. Helping inmates with correcting their political paperwork.

40:14 Russian government resigned to restore their national sovereignty. Putin is standing there as the land and soil representative. Great news for the Russian people.

42:05 World government controllers trying to get all these governments to form into corporations and lose sight of their actual government in the process.

United Nations – UN Corp

43:15 Peaceful nature of our movement – catching flac from militarists – how they think – Rally in Virginia was hoped to cause disruption

47:40 UN Corp needs to be disbanded. So does ABC INC which owns google and U tube.

48:00 Man who started the LGBPQ movement has denounced the entire movement – reported on Zero Hedge

49:25 Calling the kettle black – Pres. Trump questioning of Joe Biden’s actions – Hypocrisy – comments on Pelosi

53:06 Article on the May Queen discussed. There is a history of ancient kingdoms – modern kingdoms grew out of the ancient kingdoms

Modern France grew out of the Ancient Kingdom of Gaul.

1:03:25 Practitioners have taken over the Vatican. Hypnosis and applied physics and diabolical thinking – 40 high level church officials involved in criminal operations bringing death and destruction

1:09:10 Ancient Kingdoms – Who is going to claim the British homeland and Commonwealth? There are candidates from the ancient kingdom who will come forward and claim the homeland and Commonwealth and return the land and soil assets to the people.

Keep eyes on the Vatican and the Holy See

1:12:27 Election of Land Jurisdiction Governors in Arizona?? Part of membership of State Assemblies. The elected Governor in our State Assembly is the Governor of The State of Alaska and also the State Governor of that State of State business organization – must maintain State government 24/7

He must organize the business organization for that State of state.

Remember the State of state is a business organization working for the State.

The current defacto state governments haven’t been controlling their employees. Are all these services provided even necessary?

1:22:43 Dept of Justice?? Set up in 1907 to be administration office of the

President – One of the executive departments under the President

Along with DOJ, FBI HOMELAND SECURITY – all subcontractors

Congress now has authority since the 1990’s

1:25:20 Article on Casino Royale and Pope Francis explained

Looking at historic records we discovered that there should be what is called “The United States District Court for Alaska” as a Territorial court and a “UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT for ALASKA” as a Municipal court all co – habituating under one roof. – separate jurisdictions

Story of filing exploratory performance suit to compel performance with AG Barr and Retig – IRS Comm. Told here and what happened.

1:34:30 Lawful person standing to act – we have a different standing and different ability to act than any public office, person, fictional entity

Our offices over stand any of their offices

A peacekeeping official outranks any LEO

The US Supreme court is part of our court system

The US Supreme Court Justices are not judges. A Justice of the Peace on the land jurisdiction always outranks any judge

1:36:53 30 Day Challenge – Going to your happy place – improves your life, attitude, energy level, reset your mental environment, emotions change, thinking patterns change, affects the world around you. Becoming empowered – You’re connected – Now living on all cylinders – focus on your dreams, your family, etc…..

1:54:30 Donations reminder

2:03:05 How they fool you with semantic deceit.

As “The United States of America” we can mint US Silver dollars

Word is – The 2 nuclear bombs were found as well as the cache of uranium. Situation neutralized by our military.

January 13, 2020

14:10 Where are we at? What’s going on? No resolutions to problems. It is time for disclosure.

15:45 List of chemicals in chemtrails and how flammable and explosive they are – Fire reaction to chemicals sprayed – burning of Austrailia and Africa – Pouring water

on it reacts to chemicals and makes it worse –

Just say no by giving Notices

19:05 Spoke about Homo Sapien vs. Homo Sapien Sapien – The Cabal continues on with their agenda.

23:20 Cabal following religious narrative – God of Mulloch – We must stand up and stop this agenda – don’t be an accomplice –

We have an obligation to report bad actors and actions to end it.

29:20 “Wanting proof article” – 30 day challenge – What is it? – Explained how to do it

World changes accordingly – Spend as much of your day in a happy place – examples given – focus on the positive

46:52 What is the paperwork path for someone born on a military base in the US as well as one born on a military base overseas – born on federal property –

Take your citizenship of the state one of your parents were born in Do a reconveyance to that State

53:10 Birth Certificate process explained for above situation

54:20 Passport questions – Do the by line with autograph, ©, write “retired” after – sign in purple – use global stamp, sign across, write your home base – mailing yourself

across borders

1:00:25 Max is assisting people with paperwork - for $30

Question about 1st paragraph of Cert. of Assumed Name explained – given name is trade name – lawful person -

in sea jurisdiction it is a trademark –

all CAPS is a Municipal citizen – claiming back the Municipal trademark from Puerto Rico back to the land jurisdiction of your birth state – unincorporated business name can be included.

1:11:00 Oath of Expatriation & Oath of Allegiance – Taking control of this foreign vessel and reclaiming it. – Now you have constitutional protections – Now have evidence to rebut their presumptions that you are a British Territorial citizen

1:13:00 Escrow Funds in a mortgage discussed – How to get it back – Put into an unincorporated business account – stamp your checks

1:20:44 IRS discussion – Kim Possible turns off IRS system to prosecute claims – IRS still not dead- They said they will only process our exemptions 3 months out of the year –they are loosing cases – being investigated – their plans falling short

1:26:00 Mutual Offset Credit Exchange process is slow – they closed 2 of 3 offices –

Having a meeting with Deposit Trust org., Federal Reserve Bank, and US office of US Trustee and Social Security office

1:30:24 Process of sending Registered Mail without paying for it – Process of sending regular mail for 2 cents

1:32:20 IRS having no authority – IRS and DNR Commissioners – To be a valid Lien it must come from BATF under Title 27 – IRS under Title 26 can’t cross over and use enforcement provisions from another Title –

tax commissioner admits paying taxes are voluntary on video – A Notice is not a Lien – Send Notice to DNR about bogus Notices – no excuse for participating in fraud – notify commissioner of recording office that recorders are recording bogus documents resulting in harm to public – they must tell the recording offices to stop taking IRS bogus Liens because it’s an invalid Notice.

1:41:30 The IRS is coming at us as if we are Municipal employees and we made a pledge to their church.

1:47:20 Article about the Snake 0- spoke about Genetic code comes from Reptiles – aka reptilian brain – Imagination must be guarded from outside sources – Use it to choose between good and evil

1:51:45 Be responsible for what you imagine – 30 day challenge – use your imagination to focus on good things – positive things – create a variety of happy places for your mind to dwell on – speak out loud your vision very effective

2:02:25 Imagine IRS shutting down – thoughts and words are living things the power of your imagination is powerful – Reports that Neil Keenan is still alive and back

January 6, 2020 - Happy New Year!

2:50: List of issues Anna has been working on to provide disclosure.

4:50: Virginia Gun Grab Issue – Gov. of Commonwealth took oath

to Municipal Corporation – Emailed Pope Francis about

situation to correct

7:56: Chem Trails and Australia’s fires – Treaties being violated –

Needs to be addressed by UN –

11:45:Weather Modification – complain as non domestic group

that is affected. We are not domestic to the US – complain

about treaty violations to UN

13:15: Setting up new basis for taxation and why

15:00: Killing of Iran General Solemani – Pope and Queen use us as

mercenaries. That has to stop.

16:57:Trump needs to figure this out., - that he works for us. A lot

Of undue influence on him from corps and international


19:40:They think we are stupid – but we trusted them because they

are working for us – mistaking trust with stupidity. They offer

to pay us with credits based on our own assets – Arbitration

awards – Phil Hudock – creating burden on rest of us –

adding to debt for his own selfish concerns

23:15:Article 2216 talking about why Middle East buying our

Mortgage Backed Securities – Banks unloading of toxic debt

they created on innocent people.

25:45:Creation of MERS – Mortgage Electronic Registration System

Investors find out MBS fraudulent with poor record keeping –

31:13:They have right to be mad – We must break apart this whole

mortgage fraud scheme now.

31:35:China involvement in MBS – what is their motivation?

Treasury Bonds are actually worthless

33:00:The Great Abomination discussion – What to look for in the

end times – Statue of Liberty – French Freemasons story –

Story of where religion started – how it spread thru nations –

44:35:Priests from Rome in 2nd century became the bill collectors

dressed in black robes and white wigs – Law of the Sea –

comes from Pagan religion – worship of Astoreth – Satanic


49:20:List of 16 items representing what the religion of the Roman

Catholic Church is all about – bifurcation of church

56:55:DNR Commissioner is the lead person who captures your

body and assets – control of land and soil – keeps record

and ownership interests – don’t complain to Sec. of State

59:17: Great Abomination started 8000 years ago and now

migrating to China/Hong Kong – IRS moved from Puerto Rico

to Marianna Islands

1:02:10 BATF has the only enforcement authority for IRS – They must

prove you engage in activities involving alcohol, tobacco, or

firearms – Right of distraint – IRS Tax Liens

1:07:20: Fixture Liens with UCC 1 – Template coming

1:09:15 Retired military and retired civil servants who have influence

on federal government organizations – have a problem

seeing what Anna is seeing – Senior executive service –

Trump’s executive order concerning National Slavery and

Human Trafficking – Territorial and Municipal citizens forced

into form of slavery like us

1:17:30: National ID cards still in the works – Right to Travel

1:20:12: Original Federation of States overstands the Confederation of

States – When the Confederation doesn’t function as it is now

the Federation of States can step in and do the job – 1/3 of

the Federal government hasn’t been operational in 160 years

We are still here, are states are still here.

1:23:35: Anna’s road trip planned for the future to recruit more

people into assemblies.

1:30:35: What the founding fathers had to go thru and what we are

going thru now – Lost our power by allowing control to be

placed in a few people.

1:33:30: Expanding our public outreach – Educate and inform the

people on how the government works – 3 branches of

government – federal, territorial, and municipal

1:36:50: speaking of intelligence agencies

1:38:40: Farmers being bamboozled by property taxes – not knowing

who your government is

1:40:30: Speaking with Family members – do your paperwork now so

you benefit if you have problems in the future

1:53:15 Helping nations reclaim their land and soil – issue of probate

of estates – have to be a lawful person to claim lawful asset

– can’t be legal person.

December 30, 2019

17: 12 In 2007 – set up of Master Form Line of Credit thru US Attorney General’s office and Wells Fargo Bank.

Took on action and lien against all our counties

False claims coming from Tarp Bailouts

19:46 Huge Tax Assessments because of increased national debt-done by foreign contractors

22:11 Judges explaining to defendants they are corporations to absolve themselves – can’t access constitutional guarantees. Civil law matter instead.

23:30 Geneva and Hague conventions – genocide on paper being committed.

24:08 Subcontractors getting away with fraud because our American government not set up.

We are not standing up in our correct political status.

24:25 Kinds of Citizenship created by constitutions.

25:40 Jurisdictions – National – International

26:30 Sovereigns under the Norman Conquest as inheritors in International Jurisdiction

Guaranteed to all Americans born on the land and soil

28:00 King of Spain in charge of land

King of Britain in charge of Sea and International Jurisdiction

They profited as middlemen

32:40 More on Jurisdictions

34:00 Dec 30, Anna files to bring forward the claims to overstep what they were trying to do with Wells Fargo and to save people from the false claims from the Tarp Bailout.

People getting big tax bills – deliberate fraud.

37:12 Spoke about interview on radio Friday, Jan 3 7pm Pacific

45:10 State Chartered Banks – Holding Banks accountable – copyright symbol with signature

49:00 Redeem in Lawful money stamp

49:46 Article 2193 – Banks want access to trust but by properly endorsing your checks you restrict them.

50:30 Getting access to your trust account

51:03 Unblocking credit side of your account because all your bills are prepaid

51:50 Liquidating trust accounts – Trust assets to discharge debts

Giving back land held in trust to states and not being held by territorial State of State

55:00 Crime of Impersonation

56:07 Accessing the Trust – Rolled into Public Charitable Trust(PCT)

Mutual Offset Credit Exchange – Remedy

59:44 IRS Form 1099A - Taxpayer is a foreign status

1:04:00. Trust Account – Tax Prepaid Individual

1:07:00. Not a Withholding Agent

1:09:00. Foreign Government – Withholding Agent- British Warrant Officer

1:13:11. Revocation of Paying taxes

1:14:00. Claim back all your deeds, titles bank record of assets, parcel#, certificates, patents using a UCC-1/ addendum with a fixture filing.

1:23:20. Meeting with IRS started an investigation where they found they were guilty and liable

1:25:20. IRS does your property taxes. Tax assessors send records to IRS which sends tax bill

1:27:01. Presumption that your property is engaged in Federal income producing activity

Tax assessor redefines property as residential instead of a homestead

Claiming your property is making Federal income as a corporation

Must rebut that presumption

1:29:45. What to do about this? File your claim with a UCC1/addendum as a fixture filing claiming ownership interest.

Set the tax assessor straight by doing this.

1:37:00 Anna sending out certified Notices of what she recorded – what its about

1:38:40. Corporations are under the gun - Not the people – Rats getting counterclaim

1:42:10. Heather Ann Tucci – Why she failed and unfortunately was imprisoned

As a Bar Attorney, despite her good intentions, she had no status and standing to make a proper claim

1:49:00. Putting an end to illegal property taxation

Give tax assessor sworn commercial affidavit that your property is not engaged in any federal income producing activity related to any commercial, residential or commercial purposes.

December 23, 2019

10:50 What FDR did which applied only to Municipal citizens. Phony war going on for 150 years

11:25 They waived the peace flag and signed a treaty. Called “Declaration of

Interdependence of the governments of the United States”

14:30 This is the time of year the government pulls their worst crap on the people and what you should do.

18:30 Initially licenses were issued for physicians who were going to treat members of the federal military services and federal civilian services. Overtime they required licenses to all physicians/dentists as uniform officers under Title 37. Pressganged under false presumptions. Coerced to participate in dead baby scam.

24:50 Lawyers forced to have BAR cards. Part of British Guild.

27:06 Working as officers of the Queen in British Territorial courts. Because we’ve been impersonated and mistaken as British territorial citizens they haul us into their territorial courts under the presumption that we are Brits (pressganging)

29:00 How they have been fleecing us. How the Pope confers citizenship upon as as well as the Queen. They deposit our names into a Depository Trust Company which deals with illegal securitization of people’s labor assets. Info that is received from Dept. of Commerce where Brits send us to be processed as Municipal citizens. Bonds issued and put out into market for sale.

32:00 Fife Force Value Annuities (Life Insurance policies) Bottomry Bonds to protect the vessel (you)

33: 00 Trade of Bonds – Cede and company – gives them an ownership interest in the assets and value of our labor. Pope, Queen, Mellon Bank, Fed all get their cut.

35:35 Pres. Roosevelt’s Presidential proclamation of 1933 – Allowing Banks to set up special trust accounts – clearing house certificates- banks authorized to profit from fraud- Cusip # with Fed Reserve-money used as cash to invest in obligations of the Municipal Government. Money issued based on your labor charging you interest and then taxing you.

39:14 What are the undisclosed escrow accounts? It’s a Fed account set up into your strawman acct. All mortgage payments go into it. Can collect within 7 years. Take BC to collect.

46:15 Setting up of another level of county government with semantic deceit to tax people. Done by AG in 2007 under Tarp bailout to indebt counties using Master Form Deed of Trust thru WF Bank.

52:35 Redeeming Lawful Money – all about how you endorse your checks properly-use a stamp- your autograph is worth money

55:00 Banks fleece you because they have your SS# which gives them access to your autotris and Cusip Accts and then have your signature card with no limitation.

58:15 Why you don’t want to be a legal fiction which they characterized you as. Pope’s Government is responsible for this. Get the Roman Municipal government out of the people’s hair and pope’s involvement with UN as well.

1:00:58 Dec 17 article about Pope abolishing Pontifical Secret.

1:02:00 Mini history of Reformation. Martin Luther pointing out injustices by Church. People react.

1:08:20 BAR member attorneys need to wise up and understand what they have done and need to do. Many dumbed down and ignorant but they have conspired against the Constitution.

1:10:25 Municipal Courts are bill collector’s for the Pope. Territorial courts are bill collectors for the Queen. Roman law to British law to American law- next to China

1:16:00 Cognitive Dissonance

1:23:13 Raise your voices-send letters-Notices

1:24:25 Stated injustices-paying taxes you don’t owe, homes foreclosed for debts you don’t owe, how many escrow accounts are being seized as abandoned funds by banks, how many people are asleep and don’t know this is going on.

1:29:30 You have no contract with your Territorial State of State.Our states have a contract with the Pope and Queen and it’s called the Constitution. We the People are the puppet masters of them and we must say no.

1:43:10 Rituals Winter/Summer Solstice – Dead Baby Scam Ritual Effigy at Winter Olympics in plain sight. They are giving us notice of what they do.

1:45:40 Info on the Beardsley Island Seal-Palatine Seal-Rome Seal

1:50:24 Anna shares a Christmas Poem written by Backster Black called “Rudolf’s Night Off”

December 16, 2019

11:00 Spoke about interview with Robert David Steele –

future teleconference meeting to be planned to

discuss important topics - banking, restitution, politics,

church connections

13:00 Business of the Church

16:25 Spoke about Sarah Westall interview

20:48 Anna writes article called “A Visit to Grandma’s

House” to reach her grandchildren

26:20 The fact is our government is really represented by

two foreign corporations – one by the Queen – the

other by the Pope

29:50 What happens if a child is stillborn? Not born alive?

Baby Land Deed needed? - YES – Marks the Life

33:50 Use of a UCC 1 Lien to claim collateral of the property

a corp. is trying to foreclose on – For American State

National or Citizen? Work by Ken Dass – Use UCC as a

Notice – agricultural lien – You are a land asset – They

are changing our property without out permission.

39:25 IRS Form 3949A used to file complaint on a

corporation behaving badly. Can trigger an internal


45:00 What “throwing the book at them” means. Courts deal

in commercial contracts – discuss what they are

accusing you of – if a contract court where is the contract? What contract are you adjudicating? What is the basis? What is your authority?

53:55 Complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection


57:21 Bank Charter and Treaties – They assume you are a

public employee donating everything to state. What

part under their bank treaty are they operating under?

59:25 Spoke about letter Anna wrote to her Congressional

Delegation which was shared with State coordinators

for review and implementation. Spells out - this is my status and there is yours – You are working for me but you are working under a delegation which puts you in a foreign status with regard to me – Part of the problem is that we have these middlemen who have gotten in at every level of everything that we have to constantly butt up against – And the Queen and the Pope are acting as Middlemen – Because the actual delegation comes from The United States of America to them and they go off and use that delegated authority improperly – So they give bad directions to their people – Then The United States of America says, “you’re not doing that right”

1:04:12 The mortgage is owned by the State of State and all its

franchises. It’s not your mortgage. They assume you

are a franchised participant. We live under a

statehood compact. I am not a resident of the State

of Alaska. I live in Alaska.

1:06:40 Phil Hudock and the Peace Treaty business – If you get

involved write your congressional delegation and tell

them you made a mistake.

1:09:10 Difference between civil rights and Natural and

Inalienable Rights – What’s given by Congress can be

taken away.

1:17:25 Understanding the difference between being an

American and a US Citizen – People are finally getting

it. Foreign political status – UCC is all Municipal stuff

and its global

Webinar Recordings

Anna's Book

December 9, 2019

9:40 IRS Fraud article – Recognition of Citizenship of Territorial and Municipal

vs. American National – American State Citizenship - State Citizens hold the

contract and both subcontractors work for us – Congress taxes those working in any capacity of government as a condition of their employment. And they gradually extended this to us claiming we were all volunteer withholding agents which strips us of our constitutional guarantees. IRS has ability to tax government employees.

16:20 16th amendment – Articles of Incorporation for a Scottish Commercial Corporation that went defunct in 1906. The government now has to claim Article 1, Section 8, Section 1, Clause 1 since 1913 to 2018. Roman law has been applied all along till they got caught.

20:25 Rothchild seizing on our credit all these years – gross criminality, fraud, deceit

23:00 Student Loans – Colleges and Univ. been receiving money all along then charging students for something already paid for.

24:20 IRS meeting discussed – Been recast in a whole different role in future – Mistreatment of US Citizens – Enslaved employees and ensnared all Americans

27:09 We have more than enough money to run government from slush funds taken in Comprehensive Annual Financial Report – shouldn’t have to pay for any taxes, utilities, student loans, mortgages, etc

29:25 Hamburger story – paying with IOU’s. Your debt is their debt plus interest. US National debt going up up up. It’s our National Credit. All being embezzled

34:00 Pope says that the Fundamentalist Christians are a Plague. Forgiveness requires repentance – Worship of Mammon continues to this day – Reformation – Indulgences

40:47 Thinks Trump will announce the outcome of the IRS. Its purpose needs to be reformed.

42:07 Trump knows he can step into office holder as president of The United States

43:18 Tribal memberships are being used by Americans to evade taxes – must be 1/8th blood – Phil Hudock

46:30 National and State Sovereign Trust – We have indemnity bond to preserve the State – Nobody needs a Trust – a Will will do.

51:20 Once your political status paperwork is on the public record you can file a AG Lien using the UCC1 financing statement.

53:20 Declaration of Protest in Remonstrance – How to use it and for what reasons – We are their employers – State your complaint directly – Not happy with the service they are providing - Rebut that We are in the “Office of Persons” –

59;45 Addressing issues such as property taxes, Child Protective Services, mortgages, geo-engineering, 5G, etc

1:03:20 Talking about power companies raising rates – forcing you to be part of a cooperative as a member to get power – that is coercion – Everything public is supposed to be prepaid.

1:08:30 ENRON Treaty – Put them back in their box - The government is not functioning as it should be and it’s up to us to fix it – Use the power of the Assembly thru the Declaration of Protest in Remonstrance.

1:13:28 Take action to put out Notices to tell them what’s wrong – Keep it to 1-2 pages on each issue – illegal foreclosures, CPS, illegal property taxes, illegal registering of babies upon birth making them Territorial and Municipal citizens.

1:16:35 Things you were never taught in school and should have –

1:20:40 Rich Dad Poor Dad – When you say you can’t – you can’t - It’s not over till you say it’s over – Don’t be a victim

1:25:00 Article on tax issue information was written instead of talking about it

1:26:05 UNA Environment and Development conference to provide broad public debate and support of United Nations Earth Summit of 92

1:30:17 Got tipoff on new Scottish effort to create another Doppelganger United States of America. We now have their address to address them.

December 2, 2019

9:00Spoke about what went on with her over Thanksgiving – work that had to be done 

16:30Spoke about the banking system - honest vs. dishonest –  

How to create a system that has never been done before – Attitudes of these bankers – crimes committed and spelled out – resistance to any system that’s honest cause they can’t make any money from it – creating an honest banking system – consumers give value to what producer produce – jobs that could be created and funded. 

25:34Questions about when an American State National moves to another state discussed – residency requirements – as a national your only obligation is to keep the peace –  

If you want to be a state citizen and change residency to 

another state and be part of the state government you have to adopt that state as your permanent domicile and become a member of that state assembly subject to residency requirements –  

34:14Sign in America update – total chaos at treasury – gotten worse last 3 months 

found that 16th amendment not ratified – they attempted to correct this by changing the basis of their claim to be able to enforce the income tax and they changed it again to Article 1 Section 8 – 1 which automatically meant that all these prosecutions were invalid which happened before Jan of 2018. All done illegally.  -Racketeering – Tariffs and excise taxes was how the government was initially funded – So from Jan 2018 they went back to an indirect tax – not a direct tax – which leaves us out the door – on top of that – we went back to tariffs and indirect taxes as a legitimate source of funding – Trump switching gears to fund government with tariffs 

40:50Mutual offset credit exchange of 1934 was our legal remedy but didn’t tell Americans about it – used though by insiders –  

This all happening now with Bankruptcy of Municipal government –  

have to vacate DC for 90 days –  

National Credit placed in safe keeping in Puerto Rico 

IRS collapsed 3 offices to 1 now in DC – deliberate understaffing 

Write back and say you are exempt. This name you are misaddressing is mine and I’m not a federal employee or a beneficiary –  

They may turn over to a 3rd party bill collector – It’s not my debt. It’s a bogus claim they made –  

Establish Lien on IRS Commissioner, 3rd party debt collector, Inspector General Postmaster for mail fraud – misuse of mail solicitation 

Do an AG Lien using UCC 1 Form Box 6B - send to all parties – Give notice on public record and send to them –  

3rd party collectors have no authority, no contract with you and no claim 

They claim to be Federal tax authorities 

The National Credit owed is separate from the assets of the bankruptcy 

A credit card tied into the National credit owed may be issued but don’t mismanage it – use it wisely if it comes 

1:07:45Public Charitable Trust for Federal Citizens was set up – they contact county attorney in charge of public assistance and they pay for emergency funds - To take care of their own 

1:10:10Value of money discussed – symbols of Value – consumers drive everything - Zero sum transactions 

1:21:15The United states of America land jurisdiction hold the power holder office.  

One office is supposed to control all the other offices.  

The State of State office in each state, the British Territorial office and the Municipal office. All 3 contractors 

The power holder office is supposed to object to anything wrong that the other offices are doing. Head comptroller is the power holder office. 

Can bring the Queen and the Pope to heel 

The plan was to create a mercenary conflict on our shores between the Territorial and municipal governments and kill off us the priority creditors. 

1:30:30The Assemblies are inviting Trump to take the power holder office  

Must retrieve his State National status of NY back to land jurisdiction 

right now he’s working for both the territorial and municipal offices 

If he held the power holder office he would control the military and would step into a part of the actual American government –  

Who are represented by Continental Congress – You have Head of State, the President, and the fiduciary –  

Talks about Prudent Man standard and what it means 

Trump can renegotiate contracts with Queen and the Municipal Government and all the unnecessary corporate agencies hired to reach better agreements 

1:44:12Closing remarks – imagine a better life for everyone without constant war – Free yourself from the past –  

What do you want for yourself, your country, your world 

It happens inside of you before it manifests in the external world 

Start dreaming again – start to clear out the past 

Stop living in fear of your own employees – not worth it 

A small group of criminal masterminds operating in 

Compartmentalized hierarchy or information system working thru an instrumentality of corporations of interacting trust directorates to exert undue force to the rest of the world. 

Fact – 92% of all litigation starts in this country. The criminality started in this country and took off and spread throughout the world 

Americans didn’t start it – the criminals did 

Write to your Congressional Delegation of your State. Even if it’s not their fault – it is their responsibility to change it – They are our employees – don’t forget that 

Continental Marshals need funding – Help to donate whatever you can 

November 25, 2019

12:00 Importance of joining the assemblies – direct the course of their government –

option to step forward and claim National Credit – claim gold and silver assets

taken offshore – claim gold FDR confiscated

We have been deliberately mischaracterized as Territorial and Municipal citizens

They did this by vacating our government and our states

Our States are not populated by Americans - Conspiratorial plot to disinherit Americans - Stealing assets as abandoned property

Transfer our wealth to their cronies and creditors

17:09 What we did to correct this mess – reclaiming everything – find heirs – filing

Liens, claims – our state assemblies is the nail in their coffin

This is our government – state citizens create a state government

Being all papered up we’re all acting as lawful persons who can inherit the

actual assets of the state – that puts a block legally and lawfully against these claims of our states being abandoned.

States needing assemblies : Indiana, North and South Dakota, Maryland, New Jersey, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, W. Virginia, Ohio, Iowa, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, and Vermont

24:00 great disruption – refugees being put in FEMA camps – What’s at stake here?

The difference between having a future for the State of the Union vs. having no

future at all – basically an abandoned property that is up for grabs by the

creditors of the Federal government that is now increasingly where it’s devolving on the Municipal level

26:26 The Municipal government is subject to Chapter 7 bankruptcy that began in 2015

And about to come out of it – Must vacate DC for 90 days

the Pope will allow the government to reopen under different name to skate by

185,000 Municipal franchises under Washington DC – all foreign

$1800 to get a copy of Municipal Law

32:00 Bankruptcy of Scottish interloper Corporation happened in 1906

Set up after civil war – Standing under Municipal Law

33:30 Religion in Washington DC explained and where it started

Temple of Baalbek located outside Tel aviv – worship of Satin

What countries it spread to

37:06 Phoenicians – phony – B.S. – bogus – practice of this religion worshipping

The Father of all Lies

They lie in order to defraud for money

accusing people of whatever they do

Biden and Pelosi – actions to confuse and blame

43:15 More people starting to wake up and correct their political paperwork.

Fight between what’s true and what’s false

Between God of Falsehood and God of all Truth – our creator

44:20 Kennedy assassination info coming out – will be writing about it

911 research from Architects and Engineers – got their Federal Grand Jury

46:26 Insubordination of the Navy – Municipal government moving gold to the

Philippines for safe keeping by our Navy under control of the Queen

Coast Guard not protecting us –

Substituting their corporations for ours against our lawful government and our

contractors, mischaracterizing us as individuals to depopulate our country and to

claim all our assets are abandoned to divide amongst their friends

52:10 Article called :What we See” – This foreign government is charging our assets

even though they had no authority or our consent

That’s why we have 900 military bases in 214 countries

53:50: Trumps deal with NATO making member countries pay for their own defense

58:45 Imagine before Civil War in 1850 – Government functioning as it should.

3 branches of government: State of State, British Territorial US, Municipal US

all operating in international and global jurisdiction

no role related to our land and our states – set up that way

you have unincorporated – lawful person –

you have corporate – Joe & Sons Auto Body – an independent small business

not chartered by any state

You are incorporated when chartered by your state government – now a franchise of government –

A corporate independent small business doesn’t have to follow the rules, regs and laws a Municipal franchise has to meet

1:05:50 In 1963 as part of Vatican II – Collective Entity Doctrine – pretends that living

people are corporations and that corporations are all incorporated and that there

is no difference

1:07;00 Doctrine of Discovery

1:09;28 How do you request an identity hearing? Tossed into a circuit court

If born prior to 1963 you are grandfathered in prior to Collective Entity Doctrine

1:22:10 State Assemblies can address State of State legislatures and tell them what to do

Those State of State legislatures are standing in for you.

As a State assembly you can tell them by using a Declaration of Protest and

Remonstrance that you want a mortgage foreclosure moratorium.

They are our employees – don’t forget it.

We have discovered that improper actions are being taken in our state that has

resulted in people being misidentified and paying mortgages that they do not, in

fact, owe and are suffering foreclosures that were improper and until this is

sorted out, and we have all the facts before us, we want a foreclosure

moratorium in your state.

Who does it apply to? American State Nationals vs. US Citizens

1:29:00 Use of UCC1 financing statement to back file against them

Use your political status paperwork you recorded and file against them and use

the territorial law and regulations of the Federal code to impose immediate

damages on them

1:34:19 The Federation of The United States of America must be reorganized

Need donations to keep the paperwork for our cause going

My PayPal is avannavon

Snail Mail address Anna Maria Riezinger PO Box 520994 Big Lake, Alaska 99652

November 18. 2019

00:14 Greetings, paperwork forms, find your coordinator, moment of silence 

08:25 Discussion of accusation that Anna is a Vatican agent 

14:00 Discussion of the concept of law, types of law.  Law is made to avoid conflict 

22:20 Discussion of Trump changing his status and taking the office of President for The United States of America. 

26:30 Discussion that any king of “person” is a dead entity.  There is a difference between “legal person”, “lawful person”, “commercial person”, and “natural person”. 

35:27 Discussion of the Civil War 

40:54 Discussion of Franklin Delano Roosevelt placing the municipal government under pagan Roman Pontificate 

45:40 Discussion of “civil rights” history and how civil rights are different from natural and unalienable rights 

51:22 Discussion of Federal Reserve Noes is an IOU and the National credit 

57:05 Discussion of Lord Jame’s speech about money and the National credit 

1:02:44 Discussion of Anna’s book “Disclosure 101” which talks about the government structure and primary source documents used in the book 

1:17:45 So President Trump has some decision to make? 

1:19:40 The original amount that Lord James brough up was the $15 trillion, I was also going back and thinking of the $2.3 trillion that Rumsfeld claimed was missing on September 10, 2001 and the $6.5 trillion that the OIG office declared couldn’t be found in the Pentagon in 2016.  So that’s around $10 trillion and $15 trillion and add that up you are around $25 trillion. Which is pretty much the same 

1:21:37 You know who else has been active recently is Neil Keenan.  He’s been posting about the Global Collateral Account and the fact that he has now taken on the role of the Amanah which is the sole trustee of those accounts.  So, where does that come in? 

1:27:27 So what’s next Anna?  You are meeting with Trump next week? 

1:29:31 Now you have proposed a very simple solution to flip the banking from debt to credit? 

1:45:00 Request for money due to requirements to fund the effort of moving the process forward 

November 11, 2019

00:00 Greetings, looking for state coordinators, moment of silence 

11:08 Maybe we can talk a little bit about what to do if you have been naturalized here. 

21:54 Coming back to the naturalization.  So do they need to obtain their birth certificate to fill out a Form 56 or has that also been taken care of for them? 

23:24 If someone is in this country being born in another county.  No birth record, no naturalization, no documentation of any kind. They have children but there is no documentation of any kind on the children. So there is nothing, not even a family bible record.  Now what? 

29:14 What happens if a baby really is born at sea?  Say they are on a cruise and they are actually on the water when the baby is born. 

37:18 If someone isn’t naturalized, but the were born in another country and they are here and they don’t have a naturalization certificate.  They may or may not have a green card. Then they are going to have to do a little bit of extra work? 

40:08 Is The United States of America the land and soil country, is that a non-Hauge country? 

48:48 So the other thing that you were talking about this week too, is knowing the name of your country. 

57:57 The Veteran’s Day article was very good because people do get confused between persons and people and lawful people, lawful person and so it was good to put that down 

1:02:50One of the things that we have been talking about with regard to businesses is that you want to have a private family business as an American State National unincorporated entity. 

1:03:26 Discussion of trusts 

1:05:10 Discussion of will/testaments 

1:07:48 Discussion of “sin tax” and funding of government 

1:10:41 Discussion of Gra-El kings article 

1:30:17 Thanks for money and help that has been donated thus far 

November 4, 2019

00:00 Greetings, moment of silence, discussion of aricles and forms 

09:50 Discussion of topic that States are Nations 

18:22 There are many reasons for different types of name changes.  Therefore, that raises a lot of questions about how do we accurately autograph that paperwork?  So if we could start with a Deed of Reconveyance and use an example of say a woman who was born with a tradename and then has a married name.  How would we autograph? 

22:40 Now we move to the Certificate of Assumed Name and this is the most powerful document.  It is also one of the more complex ones. So, you have the grantor and grantee, you have the returnee.  So, you start with your tradename because as we discussed before, you are creating a bridge from who you were to who you are. 

27:32 So the grantor is the estate and would you move the grantee to be the married name? 

34:43 Moving onto the Oaths of Expatriation.  In a name change you are going to have three sets if you have a first, middle, and last name.  You are going to have three sets for each name. 

37:30 Then on the Cancellation of All Prior Powers of Attorney.  You would list both names in this document. Would you sign with your tradename or with you married name.? 

39:05 The DNA Paramount Claim, are you autographing that with your tradename or your married name? 

42:48 Then the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act, we would also sign with our married name? 

44:28 On Form 56, we fill the Form 56 out in the Birth Certificate name, but we sign it as the authorized representative. 

47:47 One of the things that a lot of people like to do for whatever reason.  Once they return to the land and soil, they want to rip off their license plates and cut up their drivers license and cut up their social security card, but you don’t encourage people to do those things. 

56:50 I would like to talk about American State Nationals who are stuck between a rock and a hard place because of their livelihoods. We’ve talked about the medical profession and how you are forced to state that you are a U.S. Citizen so that you can get the license so you can get your supplies.  Now that same type of situation applies to winemakers, beermakers, hemp growers, marijuana growers, because they fall under the BATF.  

1:08:45 Discussion of the military’s obligation to serve the civilian government 

1:18:25 Discussion that Federal Reserve Notes are military script 

1:23:10 Discussion of mutual offset credit exchange 

1:26:24 Despite all of the warnings that we have given people, there have been still a few people that have signed up (Phil Hudok’s arbitration award).  Is there any way to pull yourself out of that? 

1:31:13 Discussion of monetary assets and credit owed to American State Nationals 

1:46:30 Discussion of message sent from Arizona regarding National Assembly meeting 

1:52:54 What if all the land recording offices have been removed from a particular country, say the UK?  Do they have to build their own land recording offices? 

2:02:02 Discussion of what is printed on Federal Reserve Note bills 

October 28, 2019

00:00 Greetings, contact your state coordinator, moment of silence 

08:33 Can you tell us a little bit about why this (Decree Over Mandate) has created so much interest and activity? 

25:04 Who else has taken notice?  What other responses have you gotten with the Decree Over Mandate? 

29:03 You had mentioned that there was also some reaction from the banking community. 

38:40 So what are the banks saying in response to the Decree Over Mandate? 

49:08 President Trump called Obama out on treason.  I think this is the second time he has done it 

50:09 You mentioned last week that the Generals were, that you had a core group of Generals that were now working with you.  That seem to be on track on board and focused on the correct goal. 

53:13 Is there a statute of limitations on that (treason)? 

54:47 Do you have Trump support and are you in communication with the Trump administration? 

56:00 You are asking him (Trump) to perform in a specific office.  Can you explain that? 

1:01:41 If he does assume the office of The United States of America, can he tell the military to stand down? 

1:02:44 Did General Dunford resign? 

1:03:22 Was there any response on the Decree Over Mandate?  Did you hear from the Pope? Did you hear from the Queen? 

1:11:32 Anna’s closing comments 

October 21, 2019

00:10Greetings, paperwork forms, moment of silence 

05:20 Discussion of Decree Over Mandate 

23:23 In your short series of eight articles, you called on the Continental Marshalls to go out and arrest the criminals as well.  So, you’re just again reminding them that this is what they are empowered and authorized to do. 

29:57 Anna is this the takedown (of the corporate government)? 

37:10 You also wrote a lovely article talking about the fact that people say Christ died for our sins. 

47:18 Going back to the enforcement piece, because this is critical for all of us, everyone.  Can you talk a little bit more about the State Militias? What that really looks like and the best way for the assemblies to go about bringing the State Militias back. 

59:13 Now going back to the courts.  You called from the Municipal Court to be shut down because they are operating illegally and unlawfully outside of their jurisdiction which is the ten mile square of Washington DC? 

1:03:52 The State Assemblies need to really reach out to their County Sheriffs within their state and re-establish those relationships and remind them that they need to be supporting and serving the land and oil jurisdiction. 

1:08:51 Assemblies have the right to elect their own Sheriffs correct? 

1:11:13 How do you suggest that the land and soil jurisdiction Sheriffs that get elected , how do you suggest that they interact with Territorial and Corporate government? 

1:14:57 The other point I wanted to go back to , when a County Sheriff accepts the Federal contract, they go from the highest authority in the county to the lowest authority 

1:28:12 Anna’s closing comments.  Making gains every day. Request for donations please!

October 14, 2019

00:15 Greetings, study materials, sate coordinator contacts, moment of silence 

12:40 Discussion of correcting status so you can exercise your rights.  Decree Over Mandate completed and submitted to the U.S. Government 

34:45 Discussion of the Roman Pontiff and how it is pagan 

41:40 Having the Queen have delegation from us and from the Pope, is there a conflict of interest between those two? 

43:25 Discussion of Phil Hudok’s Arbitration Award 

58:32 Discussion of Flag Officers being greedy 

1:06:11 There is a lot of talk and that was that Obama was executed on September 29.  Do you have any comments on that? 

1:16:32 What is the best way to protect our children?  We have the Baby Land Deed that people can record and that covers them up to age 21.  Is that correct? 

1:22:10 Anna’s parting comments.  Request for donations please! 

October 7, 2019

00:00Greeting, paperwork, moment of silence, Debt Relief program 

07:40 Discussion of BREXIT 

09:27 Discussion of citizen status and jurisdiction 

15:50 Discussion of Flag Officers questions 

20:25Discussion of the potential control transfer of British military transfer to administrative control in Brussels 

31:45 There are things that we need to do to ensure that this doesn’t happen.  What are you advising, what kind of action do we need to take (regarding British military)? 

45:10 Discussion on Democrats and politician in general 

54:30 Discussion of Phil Hudok’s Arbitration Award 

1:00:54 Is there any updates on the Continental Marshalls and the enforcement side of things? 

1:05:24 What about mortgage fraud?  How is this going to be helpful in fighting the mortgage fraud that is currently taking place? 

1:18:40 Discussion of IDs and car license plates 

1:24:10 Anna’s closing remarks 

September 30, 2019

00:07Greetings, Continental Marshall meeting, moment of silence, paperwork 

23:28 Let’s talk about Chief Haywood 

26:24 So was it (Continental Marshall meeting) everything you had hoped it would be? 

29:20 Discussion of private parties/property and “Z” signage to designate private property 

33:25 Can we drill a little bit more into the Continental Marshall organization because Chief Haywood’s speech was short but packed with information about what she has been up to and so could you share some of that information about what the organization looks like now? 

36:45 She (Chief Haywood) said that there are 27 departments that they interface with and officers on duty nationwide? 

39:20 Now what does it take to be a Continental Marshall ?  What are the requirements? 

41:17 Still speaking on the enforcement piece.  What about Sheriff representation. Were there a lot of Sheriffs from all over that came and interfaced as well? 

43:13 Now here is a question that is being discussed in the assemblies.  So we are reaching out to our local Sheriffs in every state and every county.  Some are receptive and some are not. So are the assemblies able to elect their own land jurisdiction Sheriffs?  If so, what does that look like? How do those elections take place? Would the county assembly members be responsible for electing their county Sheriff? 

46:35 In many cases we’ve only got a handful of people or maybe only two people in a particular county.  Can one assembly member nominate the other county assembly member to the Sheriff office? 

51:40 Who would be the person to issue the badge to the county Sheriff?  Would that be the coordinator, would that be the public notary? 

54:35 So who would issue the badge?  Would that be the assembly issuing the badge? 

55:26 So the land jurisdiction Sheriff would want to contact the Continental Marshall group and let them know he is standing on the land and soil? 

1:00:44 We were having a discussion today about if we are building our land and soil State Credit Union.  Does that credit union have a charter? Is that considered to be statutory or no? 

September 23, 2019

00:05Greetings, correcting political status, moment of silence, Continental Marshalls, chit chat, Kurt Kallenbach 

23:25 Discussion of the duplicate/mirroring of government organizations 

27:46 Some of the questions that we had in the assemblies was regarding the state militia and the notary public.  So, I don’t think people are fully aware of what the militia is actually comprised of. Can you give a little more information? 

41:03 You state that the public notary in the land and soil jurisdiction is an elected office.  So, if I have an assembly and I have two/three people, even as little as two or three people in my assembly I can still elect a public notary? 

54:31 As we are looking at this whole enforcement piece. It’s important for us to look at all of these different aspects that come together to create the complete picture of the enforcement and that is of which the Continental Marshalls are a key piece.  So, is there any other information or any other aspect of that you want to share with the audience? 

57:40 Discussion of land patents and freehold land 

1:03:40 Your goal is to bring together the Continental Marshalls and to do this education and informational presentations so that the Continental Marshalls can begin to reconstruct their organizations on the land and soil jurisdiction.  Is that correct? 

1:12:08 The other aspect that you want to address is also law enforcement officers (LEOs) and the County Sheriffs and hopefully get the County Sheriffs educated about what has happened and what has occurred with the corporatization of the land jurisdiction office. 

1:15:37 Is anyone from the Department of Defense (DOD), have they been invited, are they aware that this is going on? 

1:18:24 Speaking of the DOD, is there any traction on getting the IDs that we are owed as American State Nationals and American State Citizens? 

1:20:50 Now what about, a couple of weeks ago we were talking about the $60,000 that you need to raise and where are we at?  How is that progress on getting the $60,000 and what is it for? 

Anna's Book

September 16, 2019

00:10Greetings, growth of our communities, moment of silence.  Debt Relief Program 

16:24A lot of people out there wonder how do they handle the name change with regard to their documents.  Because you have the original which was born and you have the current you which is signing the name that you now have and getting mail to that name change name.  So how do we handle that? 

39:07So when I do, for example, if I’ve changed my name when I do my Oath of Expatriation.  Am I going to use my birth name on the Birth Certificate or my name change name? 

44:15Now another request that we’ve had. Several requests regarding something similar to this.  Is, if they can do the paperwork on behalf of someone else who is either in jail or is deemed mentally incompetent or unable to sign anything on their own.  

47:46What’s on the American States Assembly website is Form 56 gets sent to Steven T. Mnuchin.  To have him be assigned as the fiduciary for your strawman name. There is another option which is to also have Form 56 be sent to Secretary Mike Pompeo.  So can you explain that? Clarify if we should be doing one or both. 

54:50The other question that we are getting from folks is on the website.  We have a W-4B form that people can send to their employees that will halt the withholding.  Some of the questions are will I still have social security and Medicare taken out when I use the W-4B.  But the income tax is definitely withheld. Is there anyway we can get them to stop taking out the Social Security and Medicare? 

56:27The other issue is that some companies are rejecting the W-4B form outright.  They are saying that you are receiving a wage from this company not unemployment compensation, social security benefits, etcetera.  So, should they if their company is rejecting it, should they use a W-8BEN form? 

1:00:08What about people who are naturalized here and they don’t have a birth certificate? 

1:06:55Have you heard of people getting a $21 silver surety bond in order to claim they are not a pauper? 

1:11:57Discussion of Continental Marshall situation status 

1:18:12What about naturalized citizens? 

1:20:22Discussion of money for the cause 

1:29:45 Discussion of Brett Kavanaugh witch hunt 

1:37:22 Discussion of drugs and the FDA 

September 9, 2019

Please practice Love, Peace, Gratitude and Abundance this week to balance the negative energies.   

00:10Greetings, Teri’s paperwork journey, chit chat, moment of silience 

07:58It is very interesting how much stuff is going on and has been going on for the last several months.  So we have had false flags, all sorts of shooting incidences, we have had manufactured manmade storms and hurricanes and we have had the whole Jeffrey Epstein thing, we have had the stock market, oh my God, lots and lots of things going on.  Lots and lots of energy is moving around right now and it is 2 days before the anniversary of 9/11. What is really going on here? 

19:40Discussion of World War II, Nationality Act, the Buck Act is consignment of people into abject slavery.  Insurance claims on boats destroyed at Pearl Harbor. 

26:50Discussion of banks, Central Banks and currency and commodity rigging 

32:30 Discussion of the Democratic Party and how they promote racism and social injustice 

38:50Discussion of free trade zones in the United States 

45:08Discussion of the Holy See corruption and how the Air District is corrupt 

56:15Discussion of the Defense Department and their failings 

59:05Discussion of Lysander Spooner and his writings in the 1800s 

1:04:09Discussion of the BAR and its representation as a division between land and sea jurisdiction 

1:14:30Discussion of civil government versus civilian government 

1:21:01Anna’s parting comments.  Sovereign entities can’t go bankrupt.  Bouviers is the dictionary the Congress uses for law.  If you want to take your country back, you need to support this effort 

September 2, 2019

00:35Greetings, join Jural Assemblies, moment of silence, geoengineering 

15:20A good reminder for people about why we don’t say “I pledge this” or why we don’t take any oaths, why we don’t’ say “under penalty of perjury”, “I swear to God” and all of these things, and so what is the breakdown on the Pledge of Allegiance 

33:50One of the things that we get a lot of questions on is, after stating that we don’t pledge allegiance, we don’t take oaths etc, etc, but yet in the 928 forms we have the “Act of Expatriation” and the “Oath of Allegiance” and that confuses alot of people.  Do you want to go ahead and clarify that? 

40:09You said that we own the names, the strawman names so our Cestui Que Vie estate, our Transmitting Utility and the Ward of the State names.  We know that the corporation makes money off of those names and does business in the those names over and over again. They couldn’t have that name without us the living person.  Now, if we own the name, do we own the money that they make off those names? 

44:20Another thing that land and soil people don’t want anything to do with are attorneys.  Again, in our documents the “Cancellation of All Prior Powers of Attorney” we assign ourselves as Attorney in Fact for the estate names.  Can you clarify that one? 

55:40I think something that’s important that we clarify is on the last webinar when we were talking about the Continental Marshalls. You put out an invitation to an event on September 29 in Austin, Texas.  Can you clarify who is actually invited to that event? 

1:06:21Anna’s parting comments.  G& and Jackson Hole conference and the problems with Central Banks and electronic currency 

August 26, 2019

00:00Greetings, correct your political status, building our communities, moment of silence, chit chat 

20:30Discussion of Patrick Byrne (former President of who is a whistleblower about FBI corruption 

32:50You had a very interesting exchange with Greg Hallett.  This was quite interesting because he was claiming to be a king? 

46:30Discussion of Tommy Cryer (former lawyer) from Louisiana and his court victory with the IRS 

51:46There was the one about the Archon and how to kill and Archon? 

1:06:45One of the things that I want to bring up is through the Sign In America program we are paying many kinds of debt.  This is for people who have corrected their political status. We pay mortgages, student loans, persona loans, credit cards, etcetera.  However, what we are seeing when we send the receipt along with the notice of payment, some of the mortgage companies are just outright ignoring it.  

1:09:20Speaking of enforcement, let’s go to the subject of the Continental Marshalls 

1:25:39Anna’s paring comments.  Request for donations please!

August 19, 2019 - This is an audio only webinar due to Alaskan wildfires.

00:00Greetings, moment of silence 

10:20Last week you (Anna Von Reitz) had mentioned at the end of the call that you would be moving into some negotiations and so would you care to share some information with us about how your week went? 

17:00Discussion of Special Deposits in relation to the “100 Year Plan” that was developed at Jekyll Island with the Federal Reserve bankers 

31:40Discussion of the Doctrine of Scarcity which is related to hoarding. 

35:34Discussion of bar codes and control of commodities 

37:50Discussion of “shadow governments” and how they are installed in counties 

39:26Discussion of foreign aid that is given to foreign countries for drought, disease, starvation is stolen by middlemen and very little gets to the foreign country 

41:51So, at this point in time since everyone knows what the problem is and whose responsible for it.  Where do we go from here? 

50:43So now it’s kind of like a Mexican standoff and where do we go from here? 

57:13So once we achieve the tipping point and it’s not a matter of if, it’s just a matter of when.  What will be the magic wand or what will be the process in order to get them to stand down? 

1:01:50Where is that agreement documents, about the courts and the military about them standing down? 

1:03:23Have you gotten a response from President Trump after you demanded that he shut them (courts) down? 

1:04:44You also put out an important article about the land grab and the recording office shenanigans. 

1:09:45Now the people have to seize the copyright of their own land and   do that using metes and bounds.  Is that correct? 

1:14:21 Discussion of alnd tiles, land patents, deeds, and freehold title. 

1:17:06Should we even be calling it property (real estate)?  Shouldn’t it just be that I am just buying a plot of land? 

1:17:40So for us to seize the control of the land patent and then record it in the recording office.  That is what we need to do and we can do that whether we own the property or whether we are still making payments on the property. We still have a right to do that? 

August 12, 2019

00:07 Greetings, gardening, paperwork, moment of silence 

12:34 Let’s go ahead and start with this international public notice regarding the dead baby scam. 

34:05 That is what you are calling for in this article and you are saying shut down the Municipal courts 

44:33 If we shut down the Municipal courts, how much of that would affect the IRS activity, fraudulent activity? 

47:07 We’ve had inquiries from the Continental Marshalls about how they can assist in the land jurisdiction and you provided some excellent information. Would you care to share that so that if there are other Continental Marshalls out there listening they can learn as well? 

1:00:30 One of the things we were talking about in the assembly meeting yesterday was that the state coordinator and the assemblies play an essential role in working with the Marshalls, the Continental Marshalls.  So, for example, where the jurisdictions got mixed they were taking oaths and pledging to God and that type of thing which is not a land jurisdiction thing that we would do. So, you wrote that we, the state coordinator would accept their land commission and there would be a public meeting where everyone would be there for the acceptance of that land commission. 

1:03:21 Since the Continental Marshalls are peacekeepers, should they be operating under the Law of Peace Manual? 

1:05:45 Do land jurisdiction Continental Marshalls, is there a land jurisdiction badge? 

1:16:10 What would be the identifier for a Continental Marshall, peacekeeping in the land jurisdiction? 

1:18:05 Because the rats defunded the Continental Marshalls on the land jurisdiction, if they are working in the land jurisdiction and assisting us with peacekeeping duties, they have to do so under a voluntary basis. 

1:23:55 How do they apply for the land commission?  What is the process? 

1:31:57 Discussion of funding government and Continental Marshalls 

Anna's Book

August 5, 2019

00:00Greetings, growth of communities, templates and examples, Debt Relief program, moment of silence 

13:40One of the things I’d like to start with if that’s alright with you is the whole mortgage and foreclosure shenanigans that are taking place right now.  

22:11Some of these courts are ignoring the paperwork and you and I were talking about a couple of cases that are going on throughout the country.  You had said that if you are going to sue them, then you need to sue them in a District Circuit Court. 

25:17The other thing that you mentioned was that you should also serve that notice of liability to the clerk of the court regarding named entities to the clerk of the court and make them personally responsible. 

27:30Discussion of the IRS and the national credit and credit offset 

32:09 Discussion of a Treasury Direct Account (TDA) 

33:32 This mutual offset exchange, that is the Sign In America program? 

38:00There is actually two parts to the Sign In America program..  There is the National Debt Relief and that is the part that we have implemented and the part that you’re still working on is the credit access to be able to buy things? 

49:50You wrote today, you just wrote a letter to the Sheriff 

51:24One of the articles that you also wrote about which is 1937 “Sheriffs and Marshalls – The Enforcement”.  Do you want to talk a little bit about that? 

59:30We had some Continental Marshalls that came and visited our Idaho coordinator.  They had specific questions about what it means to be a Continental Marshall and an American State National.  Can you talk about that a little bit? 

1:11:49Is there any progress on our Department of Defense (DOD) passport? 

July 29, 2019

00:00Greetings, gardening, moment of silence, correct your political status, Sign In America programs 

10:20Discussion of Sign In America Debt Relief program 

12:49In the article “Are You Ready for This – 2.0”, you talk about “the fertilized egg gradually insinuates itself into the uterine wall, a process known as “conception” in which the fertilized egg acts like a parasite and forms a temporary connection to the mother’s bloodstream (“soul” in Bibilical terms) and becomes a chimera”.  I found that term very interesting. Do you want to talk a little bit more about that? 

27:58As you have been explaining, this is a religious cult that has existed throughout ages now.  So, the cult has some very weird interesting aspects, that you have been talking about in these articles. 

33:24Anna reminiscing about her U.S. history class in school 

36:40Discussion of the amnion (membrane that covers the human embryo) being used as an infant decedent. 

49:21So did you say that from the amnion, they take that estate and created a trust from the decedent? 

51:13This going to be a weird question…….Our registration date on our birth certificate comes anywhere from a week to a month later.  It has nothing to do with what it going on with the amnion? 

54:00Discussion of the term “being in possession” and how it relates to your name and jurisdiction 

58:49Going back to the trusts, you also were writing about the World Manna Holding.  So that is quite the story. Can you also give a little bit of background about the story of Kim Goguen?  She was descended from a Russian family? 

1:06:51Now you sent Kim Goguen two (2) trustees.  So, what is the backstory on that one? She needed another trustee? 

1:27:09Discussion of the military and the civilian government 

1:30:03Anna’s parting comments.  Don’t believe in NESARA/GESARA and believe in yourself and your country 

July 22, 2019

00:46Greetings, source information, Sign In America, plan for reconstruction 

10:54Discussion of Debt Relief program and IRS 

23:41Since the July 4 announcement that you made, has anything changed with the relationship of the Continental Marshalls and U.S. Sheriffs across the American States?  Has anything changed now that we are the board? 

26:15Discussion of the Department of Defense (DOD) regarding the responsibility of the DOD for law enforcement of crimes. 

33:00Discussion of a court action related to William Barr and Charles Rettig and problems with judicial system 

47:41The Debt Relief program is coming out of the $25 trillion that the DOD magically found 

53:54Do you (Anna Von Reitz) have and update for us on the seminar (Kurt Kallenbach seminar)? 

54:58I think we were going to talk a little bit more about the color of man and the human controversy 

1:08:07Can you embellish on that a little bit, nondomestic to the U.S.? 

1:13:05The new IRS form that has appeared is dated 2017 and it’s with a cover letter that says “we’ve noticed that you didn’t file any taxes last year” and it gives you a form and there is actually a box on there you can check that says “I am not a U.S. citizen”, but the main point is that that form is not intended for American State Nationals. 

July 15, 2019

0:40Greetings, nation debt relief program, correcting status, chit chat, article 1912 about citizenship 

16:30Discussion of Kurt Kallenbach research related to Franklin Delano Roosevelt, IRS, Federal Reserve 

37:40Discussion on the concepts of time and money 

42:00Discussion of people as chattel 

48:25Discussion of historical researches sacrifice on time, family, and money 

55:25I have a question about military service.  Is it possible to separate early from the military by rendering the contract void using this new level of awareness and your political status correction? 

58:26It all comes down to UCC3-402.  It seems we should be signing similar to, “All rights reserved, none waived, without recourse” and then with your byline cursive name for your proper case name or your living name on behalf of your estate name 

1:05:22Do we need a bond in order to make a suit? 

1:06:00We need to start holding these actors accountable.  How do we do this? How do we start effective suits against these actors? 

1:11:51Discussion of the Act of Expatiation and state/federal citizenship 

1:23:50If someone is born with a first and last name only, then they would not have the Cestui Que Vie Estate Trust of the first, middle, last name, but since they are probably receiving all their mail to their transmitting utility name would they still need to do the transmitting utility oath? 

1:31:42Anna’s parting comments.  Upcoming remedy and relief. As for money.  Volunteer to do work 

July 8, 2019


08:09You (Anna Von Reitz) made some very important posts on July 3 and July 4 as well.  So they are extremely important and I don’t know if everyone realize the enormity of it. So can you give us the backstory? 

16:05Discussion of US Attorney General and Wells Fargo Bank collaboration 

33:04Discussion of double government services 

44:00How do we get the Grand Army of the Republic officially at peace so that we can live und the law of peace? 

50:55Discussion of the civilian government (our federal government) 

54:40Discussion of Robb Ryder (Robert Allen Rytlewski), YouTube researcher/presenter about DOD identification cards and veteran’s benefits 

1:03:57Was there some additional information related to international status that you were going to share? 

1:08:40Discussion of self government 

1:16:26Anna’s parting comments.  Need for donations please!

July 1, 2019

00:35Greetings, join jural assemblies, paperwork, finding state coordinators 

09:50Discussion of State Department’s belief that everyone is a 14th Amendment citizen 

17:50Discussion of confederate states and Civil War 

21:54Discussion of the genesis of the political parties/lobbyists in America 

29:32What type of judge you (Anna Von Reitz) are and why they won’t find you on a BAR list? 

39:33Can you talk about the difference between a commonwealth state and a regular state and also touch on does it alter the function for the state assemblies? 

48:04You recently wrote about the Continental Marshalls.  In that article you state that they were tied to postal districts.  There was a question about if that related to specific zip codes within a state boundary.  Don’t they also have the ability to cross state boundaries? 

55:52You recently also wrote an article about William Barr’s bagpipe playing.  You said it was a call to the Knights Templar. Could you elaborate on that? 

1:08:05Anna’s parting comments.  We are moving in the right direction and trying to get more people involved. 

Anna's Book

June 24, 2019

0:14Greetings, chit chat 

5:15Could you provide some basic information about trusts in general?  What is the structure of a trust? How does it differ; for example, a common law trust versus as statutory trust. 

18:41How do we move the assets from the trust back to the land?  How are we going to achieve that? 

27:49So you state in this article which is article 1892, that Americans in general were never the object of the 14th Amendment. 

30:30Then you mention they’ve tried to fob off their “Collective Entity Doctrine” in the same way they’ve tried to foist off the “Doctrine of Discovery”. 

41:06Is a 1040 (tax form) a bond? 

47:40We were also talking about private arbitration and one of our listeners sent a note saying the law firm representing Citi Mortgage claims that they will not agree to any private arbitration.  They said no bank would ever agree to arbitration. Is there any particular way private arbitration can be requested so that is not something that can not be opted out of? 

52:20Can you do a refresher on correcting your political status?  Why it is so important. 

1:00:32Now we understand what needs to be done for people who are born in this county.  What about those born elsewhere but are now living here? 

1:05:21Now the other question that we had is, people are still confused by the “Dear Lucretia” article which I believe is article #609 and they’re confused about U.S. Treasury Direct Account. 

June 17, 2019

00:40Greetings, paperwork 

15:40Let’s go ahead and start with your proclamation to Attorney General Barr and the Secretary of State Mike Pompeo with specific instructions. 

24:00Discussion related to incorporation of government, British Monarchy, etcetera 

40:11Does that mean that those of us who are naturalized by being born here as first generation Americans are not owed natural/unalienable rights? 

51:03You are starting to talk about the nature of these people (government, monarchs, Vatican) and the fact that they don’t have morals and values like you, and I do.  That’s how they can still conduct this fraud and theft, criminality, murder. 

1:06:21Can you please elaborate on the British Territorial Act and how it gave the British the ability to establish another layer of government in our country? 

1:11:58Our Foreign Sovereign Immunity Act has a notice of liability in it, should we not send this out to judges and federal elected officials?  What exactly counts as a federally elected official? 

1:18:06The county District Attorney has access to the trust? 

1:20:57We were also talking about the fact that we could use Form 56 in a traffic violation case? 

1:33:20Do you have any update on negotiations with the Holy Roman Empire? 

1:47:00Anna’s parting comments regarding dual citizenship being a bad idea for most people 

June 10, 2019

1:40Greetings, paperwork, chit chat 

17:00Discussion of British monarchy, Vatican, and President Trump 

22:33Discussion of Global Defense Fund/Exchange Stabilization Fund 

25:35Discussion of U.S. military bases, military costs, and funding 

28:45 Discussion of National Credit and National Credit Redemption Card 

32:00Discussion of paperwork, UCC, history of fraud perpetuated by the government 

42:40Discussion of Franklin Delano Roosevelt and the Public Charitable Trust 

52:00There has been several inquiries from the community out there because there are groups that are now using From 56 for a variety of reasons, but most recently in traffic court in order to appoint the judge as a fiduciary and settle all the debts related to the ticket.  Is this an approach that American State Nationals should use? 

57:33Is Wisconsin or any sate lawfully able to own land/property?  Also is the state of Wisconsin municipal corporation lawfully able to own land? 

1:02:20Is it a good idea to notify your local Sheriff’s office once you change your political status? 

1:03:49You were speaking about private arbitration a couple weeks ago and a question came up from Elvia.  Is that useful in foreclosure cases if I receive a summons? 

1:06:20We also have a new document that is going to be available on the America States Assembly web site and that is the new Deed of Conveyance. 

1:12:00Several folks were concerned with the Act of Expatriation with some the verbIage in the Act of Expatriation from the perspective of being an immigrant.

1:20:02Are you allowed to belong to tow (2) assemblies? 

1:21:26Then if someone moves from one state to another, they can still be part of their Jural Assembly.  This is a permanent move, they can still be part of their old assembly up to six (6) months? 

1:23:02Anna’s parting words.  Discussion of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, municipal citizens, and presumption of citizenship 

June 3, 2019

0:00Greetings, discussion of paperwork, chit chat 

11:50Discussion of teleconference with Field McConnell and Greg Hallett about banking, corporations, British monarchy and jurisdiction 

25:45Discussion of bible history, kings, Anna Von Reitz/Belcher family history 

33:59In your recent article 1851, you reveal some information about Pope Francis as well and so if you could maybe talk a little bit about that and also talk about how the Pope profits from the sale of our birth certificates and how this enslaves our soul? 

39:33In that article 1851, your big reveal on the pope is that Pope Francis isn’t really the pope. 

45:30One of the questions going back to the authorized representative.  So, when we are autographing our name as an authorized representative is there a particular protocol? 

52:21The new lawful marriage solemn proclamation which is article 1833.  So, can you give us a little bit of background on who this is really meant for and how we should use this as American State Nationals? 

58:13The other aspect of this is if you are an American State National or American State Citizen and you’ve been married for 25 or 30 years they would still need to get an annulment and then they would record the proclamation? 

1:01:44So when you say “rubber stamp” divorce, you are talking about going through the actual divorce process provided by the corporation and not an annulment? 

1:05:56Another great article that you talked about , article 1848 “Lawful Military Service Versus Legal Military Service.”  Do you want to comment on that? 

1:16:23My question is, you have to be careful as an American Sate National that you don’t re-contract to become a U.S. Citizen by accepting welfare? 

1:24:15 Parting comments by Anna 

May 27, 2019

Memorial Day Observed - No Webinar Today.  Please remember our Veterans!

May 20, 2019

0:00 Greetings and small talk 

14:51 Discussion of government bankruptcies and location of assets associated with bankruptcies 

39:53 So we’ve got that $21 trillion and you have created the Sign In America program and you are working on getting that credit out to we the people who have corrected our political status.  Do you have any updates for us on that program? 

54:34 One of many many articles you published this week was called “ Enough is Enough, How to Deal with Nuisance Charges, False Claims and Harassment”.  This is article 1814. So in this , you are giving us some suggestions for dealing with these false claims and harassments.  

55:50 Discussion of corruption in various states 

1:06:40 Discussion of the State Department with respect to our identity and political status. 

1:10:08 I made a mistake with my documents and registered them instead of recording them.  Do I need to wait until the registration is cancelled before recording my documents? 

1:13:34 I have done other people’s paperwork.  Some from Winston Shrout, some from Jonah Bey, some from April Lajune.  Should I still proceed with doing your paperwork? 

1:22:51 I just received copies of my certified birth certificates and my name is proper case, not upper case.  Can I still use this to send to Steve Mnuchin with Form 56? 

1:25:36 What is the best way to buy land and a home as an American State National? 

Anna's Book

May 13, 2019

16:30Article 1806 – Special Maritime Territorial Jurisdiction explained.  

After civil war only 2 of the 3 subcontractors operating 

States of States government MIA – What they did is they substituted their own franchise States of States to provide the services the actual federal government was supposed to be providing 

Many different kinds of courts operating in different jurisdictions and knowing which court to address thru arbitration process. 

 25:00What the IRS actually is –  

Attorney General Barr who is a Municipal officer  

acting in a Territorial office – mixed jurisdiction – have to split them 

Must make a distinction between Territorial court and the Municipal character – the strawman that you are addressing 

You seek arbitration between 3 separate parties 

 27:20Collective entity Rule explained 

Our primary redress in Municipal court is Title 50 

Territorial court you have Title 50 and all others 

Use 2 courts against each other 

More relief under Territorial court (all upper and lower case) 

 34:35Federal Rules of Civil Procedures (FRCP)  sets rules for court plus 6 supplementary rules where admiralty courts kick in – Article 3 court 

 35:15Article 3 Sec 2 (Savings to Suitors Clause) in Maritime Admiralty – used to compel performance 

Your name is not you – they presume you are operating as a legal person under the international jurisdiction of the sea. 

 38:00Roman Pontiffs duties – Head Comptroller of lawful persons, legal persons, all forms of corps. 

 41:006 supplemental rules used under FCRP to fleece us. 

Knowing which court to use 

 43:00Most of counties not formally incorporated which means they’re in land and soil jurisdiction 

 45:00Inc. counties operating government by contract. They make an offer to do something and we agree to pay 

Quid Pro Quo – non disclosure violations 

Proper nomenclatures of County examples explained 

Officials running counties running amok 

 54:00Challenging property tax assessment story 

 1:01:45Whether to invest your 401K in gold or private account assets – Tells story about investments – Her view on investing 

 1:19:15Do we need to trademark our ALL CAP name? 

Register as an unregistered trademark. 

Advantages and disadvantages 

 1:22:25How does an American State National buy and sell firearms? – Only within your State 

 1:30:42Requiring State issued ID 

Request ID showing correct political status and all pertinent information on it. 

 1:36:00State requirement to show tax ID # to sell books 

What do you advise? 

 1:39:40If one has a business tradename that will have a website with a dba and suffix such as .net does that need to be included in the Certificate of assumed Name as well as expatriated? Yes 

 1:41:12Relationship between Territorial and Municipal Citizen and between American State National and State citizen 

How do they relate to each other? 

Forbids crossover of US Citizens in State Assemblies 

 1:48:15Expatriation Subject explained 

You’re changing the record of your political status operating in capacity of lawful person 

You’re expatriating from the presumption you’re a legal person 

Expatriating your legal person, your strawman, and all those assets that have been at sea or in the air jurisdiction and being brought back and permanently domiciled on the land of your state to protect you. 

Reflagging, you the vessel, and brought home to a different domicile standing under a different law. 

May 6, 2019

0:00Greetings and chit chat 

07:14Discussion of banking, bankers, and Exchange Stabilization Fund 

17:50Why don’t you tell us the story of your involvement , your communications at first with Pope Benedict where you started and then how it has progressed? 

1:15:30How long were you involved in that project (Final Judgement and Civil Orders)? 

1:19:28So you worked for 7 years and that was while Benedict was still Pope. To give notice and then of course Francis comes along later and then you had to engage with Pope Francis.  A couple of comments I get fairly regularly is when you wrote your first letter to Francis and you said “My Dear beloved Francis”.  So people again you know, try to write something into that phrase that really isn’t there. So do you want to explain that? 

1:22:01You are most recently really calling him (Pope) on the carpet to take action against these criminal corporations.  What you are asking for is that they, that Francis prevents them from being able to create another corporation or spinoff another corporation and start the same schtick all over again.  Correct? 

1:27:51 Can you please describe the role of the Pope and UCC? 

1:33:30So what does it mean for an American State National or an American State Citizen in regards to the UCC?  Do they move into that world? We get a lot of questions about the secured party agreements and the secured party process.  Can you clear this up? 

1:35:50So if someone goes and does the UCC secured party agreements, are they placing themselves right back in that jurisdiction? 

1:41:30Anna announcement of filing a suit regarding attempted land grab and failure to perform. 

April 29, 2019

7:40Discovered a remedy to wrap things up. Explains 

Have discovered what the cabal did since the civil war 

Compartmentalization has increased so people know less of what the whole was doing.  

Comptrollers were district judges 

10:50Two court systems and neither one is ours – read Article 54 

We are regarded as Fed. Citizens – foreigners/residents – not state citizens  

Deprived of Constitutional guarantees 

12:55American citizens have disappeared – states have been depopulated 

We are mistaken as US Citizens or Citizens of the US 

14:00They can’t address us unless we’re involved in a maritime or admiralty contract 

US District court exists in 2 forms which gives remedy 

20:15Anna’s team is getting remedy on an international basis 

Need funds to file legal briefs to straighten all this out 

23:30Anna researching ways to deal with court systems that are not combative but effective. Explains why. 

28:18Why do we need to pay any filing fees to county recording offices since they are already paid service providers? Unfortunately…… 

30:24Using addresses that apply to you – c/o  and 2ent stamps …. 

32:40Confusion about 18USC 2333 and 50 USC Section 7 c and e – Trading with Enemy Act – explained 

2 separate foreign governments you’re dealing with 

2 separate laws and 2 separate remedies available 

Municipal government remedy in Title 50 – run by Pope 

Territorial government remedy more complex 

More remedies in territorial courts 

36:20As a foreign nation addressing the 2 species of district court you need to remember that this is all subject to arbitration because you don’t stand under their courts.  

37:14Are you giving up something in arbitration? Explained 

You decide who the 3rd party will be and bring forward the arbitration. Pitting one against the other. 

They have to judge according to the contract. 

39:17Question about using fingerprints as proof of identity. Explained 

42:30What the term “Grandfathered in” means. 

Pre-existing contract has to be honored – examples 

46:05Built on pretense that civil war never ended. War never declared. 

Mercenary conflict between corporations going to war with each other 

50:05Family Bible records  

Court judges used to walk in court with a bible – biblical law 

Today they operate under the international law of sea and commerce 

51:40Question of setting up trusts to reflect or diminish liability in commerce – not necessary and why not. 

1:00:50Article 1729 – If setting up a sole proprietorship business do I need a “dba” and if I use one do I need to redo my Cert. of Assumed Name?  

Would an American National ever have an incorporated state business? 

1:09:00Talks about lawful money and signing your checks properly. Examples given. Reduces National Debt  

1:21:10Does it replace the AFV (Accepted for Value) stamp? 

Spoke about Treasury Direct Account 

1:30;14Parting thoughts – Her and her team needs to stay focused on the arsonists instead of dealing with the brushfires everyone is experiencing. 

April 22, 2019

0:00Greetings, paperwork process, chit chat 

15:50It occurs to me that we also have a reconstruction that is taking place for each person who completed their paperwork and this happens once they understand the gross fraud and the enormity of that.  Their current reality completely changed forever. You can’t put the genie back in the bottle. So the old reality crumbles and they have to construct a new reality. We all do as an American State National.  That is learning how to operate in your land and soil jurisdiction. It is a personal reconstruction that we all have to deal with , so do you have any comments in general? 

22:49If we have corrected our political status then we should not be participating in any way with those groups that are straddling the fence because even through we have our body armor in place.  Because we are associated with that are we crossing into another jurisdiction because of that? 

31:50One of the things as part of the personal reconstruction is that we actually have to learn a new vocabulary. 

34:04Another thing that we really need to address among the assembly groups are pointers like never petition the US Tax Court.  

46:04How does an American State National handle a juror summons? 

50:00What about any other type of summons that might be addressed to your strawman? 

58:06What do we do as an American State National or American State Citizen if we need to keep a foot in the commerce jurisdiction? So, for example, I have commercial drivers license or a CDL and I need that to keep my job or keep my business. Even thought we know we don’t need licenses.  How do we operate in that situation? 

1:06:15What about a commercial pilots license, does the same thing apply to that? 

1:09:57What about as an American State National or and American State Citizen if I need to have dental work done or hospitalization for some reason.  You know something happens and I need to go to the emergency room or whatever. Do I need to do anything different on that paperwork? 

1:19:55Many people after they complete their paperwork, they feel very empowered which is awesome.  Some people feel like they need to notify the world. Could you just clarify who we need to notify once we have corrected our political status?  

1:24:44Once we correct out political status, we should notify the Secretary of State with just a letter and do we need to send them copies of our paperwork? 

1:28:58Many people want to try to notice some branch of the Sheriff? 

1:36:10Parting comments

April 15, 2019

0:00 Greetings

3:10 Pope, Jamie Dimon, Notre Dame cathedral burning 

5:30 Pope Leo foretelling of Notre Dame burning.  Corruption within Catholic Church 

14:30 Strawman accounts 

15:05 Certificate of assumed name 

17:00 Taxes, UCC liens,  

25:37 IRS garnishing wages 

28:30 Revised Statutues at Large never adopted 

31:36 IRS is associated with the Catholic Church 

34:30 There are six different Supreme Courts 

38:27 IRS moves citation around from Internal Revenue Manual to Internal Revenue Code 

40:40 Internal Revenue master file 

49:00 FBI management and change through the years 

53:33 Stock portfolios and 401k plans 

55:38 Private Indemnity Bond 

59:13 Benghazi, Uranium One, Randy Weaver 

59:52 Randy Weaver 

1:04:40 Can you explain why state credit unions are federally chartered? Is there any place we can get an account without providing a Social Security Number (SSN) or Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN)? 

1:19:46 Historical trusts 

1:22:50 Neil Keenan case of Chinese government against the New York Federal Reserve 

1:29:26 After we send our birth certificate to Steve Mnuchin with Form 56 are we supposed to be sending him our bills? 

1:43:10 Problems with the US Military related to national credit of 21 trillion dollars 

Anna's Book

April 8, 2019


03:33Discussion of self governance 

18:06What is your relationship with the Trump administration?  Are you in communication? Is there understanding between the two of you? 

27:32Discussion of government reconstruction 

33:44So that’s the job of the jural assemblies, which is to assemble their state assemblies so we can reconstruct the state of states that we are owed and that we need. Once that happens, what do we look like when we achieved the tipping point?  

39:40Once we achieve that tipping point then we are able to go in and renegotiate the contract for the 19 enumerated services?  Is that correct? 

44:40Once we achieve that tipping point and the military stands down then we are owed the law of peace.  Is that correct? 

53:56I think it is important when you say waive all benefits people get confused when they hear that because they think they won’t be able to get my social security.  I won’t be able to get my military benefits, I won’t be able to get my retirement, my pension. That is not what we are talking about here. Once you have gotten those, they are still yours and please don’t think that doing your paperwork means that you will have to give up your social security, your military etcetera.  Is that correct? 

57:24What can we do about state taxes as an American State National? 

1:04:20Property tax discussion 

1:07:59Can W-8BEN form be used for state taxes? 

1:13:53What about a business?  I own an LLC S corp. How do I move my business into a capacity where I am not having to pay B and O taxes (business and occupation tax) because I am really just a mom and pop business. 

1:17:40Do you have any guidelines or what do you recommend for UCC? 

1:26:15 Do you recommend that we do any UCC work or no? 

1:29:39 Can you give us a little more information regarding trusts? 

April 1, 2019

0:00 Discussing articles and audiences 

02:58 Discussing role of corporations 

07:00Why you should revoke your election to pay taxes.  Let’s also talk a little bit about the fact the IRS is being systematically dismantled. 

33:02We may or may not hear, get a response from the IRS. In some cases though, people will get something called an IRS frivolous return letter. 

40:28The IRS is being dismantled? 

43:00Is there any other information that we need to know about the National credit? 

47:50Now there is other money in other places.  For example, there is the Public Charitable Trust, the National Trust, the World Manna Holding Trust, can you speak to what is in each of these trusts to help clear it up? 

54:51The central banks are also changing and being dissolved from their traditional role because of the Basel 4 compliance that has kicked in.  So do you want to talk a little bit about that ? 

1:01:10So, we use silver when we are conducting trade within our nation-state and we use gold when we are doing trade internationally as the standard? 

1:05:04Could you maybe go ahead and review that information on the international trade bank again? 

1:11:15There has been lots of information about NESARA/GESARA and I was wondering if you wanted to talk about that at all? 

March 25, 2019

0:00Greetings.  Discuss paperwork forms 

09:01Could you go ahead and expand on that particular piece (“Good news for colored people”) as well as addressing again a US citizen status of colored people and how they need to correct their political status? 

16:32Could you maybe spend some time enlightening us about the passport? 

38:45How do we use land grants to obtain colonial title all 

41:54Once I get properly domiciled in New York and have established my political status in the public record. If I were to marry now, how would I go about giving my husband, who is a foreign national, proper immigration status in this country? 

44:25Can you just address the felony issue with American nationals or American state citizens in general? Does that prevent someone who is in the process of correcting their political status from doing anything if they have a felony on record?  

49:10What happens when you don’t have a birth certificate? 

55:10In one of your articles you stated that Secretary Steve Mnuchin was bonded to you. Can you explain that little bit? 

59:43I am currently a medical doctor in the Corporation, but would like to start my own business as an naturopath. It looks like I would still need to maintain a medical license in order not to be harassed and also to be able to order products. Please advise 

1:17:46When you correct your political status, you are an American state national when you join your Jural Assembly and say that I volunteered to serve as a juror. I am now an American state citizen? 

March 18, 2019

0:00Greetings, discussions of Anna Von Reitz articles, paperwork documents/forms 

14:34Land and soil jurisdiction to be used as payment for debts which is illegal 

17:34 Misinformation campaign against Anna Von Reitz/truth 

25:08There is a pending sale or auction on his home April 12, 2019.  I can see how they ignore evidence and status to suit them. I don’t have enough knowledge to battle them.  Law is not my thing. I can comprehend that they politely coerced me into signing as strawman for the note and the deeed of trust, yet the assignments have different signatures on them.  Do you have any advice for this person who has a pending sale on his house? 

31:42What can I say, I am not the boss.  True and the boss says no and she is a lot smaller than me and a lot meaner too and pure German to boot.  Fifty years of wedded bliss by April 12 of the year. How do I do this when she says no? After I do this, how do I travel?  What do you do for all the contracts in the name and offers that show up in the mail? 

35:27 Joint tax return commentary 

40:40My wife is a Thai national, we’ve been married for 9 years with a recorded certificate of matrimony. She/we have no connection to USA Inc.  How can I bring her into my political status which is corrected within my state of Minnesota so we can have travel documents for her as well and simultaneously keep out of the USA Inc. jurisdiction? 

46:18If you are working for a corporation and you have changed your political status. Do you need to notice that company like the HR department, the legal department, the CEO?  Would there be any need to do so or any benefit? 

51:19 If someone, for example, is enrolled with the department of agriculture, farm service agency or they have a gun license or thing like this.  How does becoming a state national change that relationship? Do they need to unenroll from these processes? 

53:30Can you tell us a little bit more about the private indemnity bond?  Can people use that as private insurance or homeowners insurance, business insurance if I have a mom and pop business?  What is the scope of that private indemnity bond? 

58:47Sign In America announcement and explanation 

1:09:59 If mortgages are fraudulent, why would I want to pay a fraudulent contract? 

March 11, 2019 The Maiden Voyage

0:00 Jurisdictions of law, Soil jurisdiction, Land Jurisdiction, state  assemblies 

4:50Where does the definition of the soil jurisdiction (top six inches)  come from originally? 

8:40 I am a law enforcement officer -  I thought I was a peacekeeping official. Now my wife is telling me I am not.  What gives here? 

16:50Can active duty military and reservists change their political   status?  What does changing status do to pensions and health services? 

23:08 Military DD2168 discharge for commentary 

30:30So when we see a notice that is posted on your website, then there is thousand of letters that have taken place before that notice ever gets published? 

34:19Am I the grantor, executor, or the beneficiary of the strawman trust? 

47:15 What do we do about married names? 

54:28I am confused, how can something be unincorporated and corporate at the same time? 

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